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We are a team of experienced, pet loving veterinarians and support staff. We will do anything in our power to give you piece of mind and your pet the highest and most humane experience and treatment possible. You are always in good hands at our clinic 

We offer a wide variety of essential pet services

Dental care for pets, especially dogs, is essential for maintaining their overall health and well-being. Just like in humans, dental issues in animals can lead to various health problems if not addressed. Regular dental care for pets typically includes brushing teeth, dental cleanings, regular veterinary check-ups of oral health and use of oral health products and toys
With our urgent care services, we provide immediate attention for non-life-threatening issues, such as minor injuries or sudden illnesses. We offer quick access to veterinary professionals, basic diagnostics, minor procedures and medication. While not for life-threatening emergencies, our urgent care serves as a convenient alternative to regular appointments and emergency hospitals, by ensuring prompt care for pressing health concerns
Our dermatology services focus on the diagnosis and treatment of skin, coat, and ear conditions. Our services include skin exams, allergy testing, biopsies, and customized treatment plans, to address issues like allergies, infections, and dermatitis, all aiming at enhancing overall skin health and comfort of pets. Regular dermatology care is essential for preventing and managing skin-related issues and promoting the well-being of your furry companions
At Selma Pet Clinic, we have our own in-house lab for on-site diagnostic testing. With this service, we are able to do a rapid assessment of a pet’s health by analyzing blood, urine, and other samples based on common tests such as blood counts, blood chemistry and urinalysis. It allows us to make timely and informed decisions and start prompt treatments of your pet if necessary
We have our own in-house pharmacy providing immediate access to a range of prescribed medications and treatments for pets. It allows you, as a pet owner, to pick up your pet’s prescriptions on-site and ensures quick access to necessary medications and timely treatment for of your pet
We offer safe and convenient spay and neuter services for your pet at our clinic. The services involve surgical procedures for sterilization of animals, preventing them from un-wanted reproduction. Spaying is the removal of the ovaries and often the uterus in females, while neutering involves removing the testicles in male pets.
We have the tools, technology and expertise to perform most surgical services aiming at alleviating pain, correcting medical issues, and improving the overall health and quality of life for pets. We also offer preoperative and postoperative care to ensure the well-being and recovery of animals undergoing surgery. Surgeries can include routine procedures like spaying and neutering, as well as more complex interventions for injuries, tumors, and internal conditions
With pet trauma treatment services, we provide prompt and comprehensive care to address injuries from accidents, falls, or other traumatic incidents. We assess the extent of an injury through physical examinations and diagnostic tests, such as X-rays. Treatment include wound care, pain management, and, in severe cases, surgery. Supportive measures like fluid therapy may be employed for stabilization as well as post-treatment monitoring to ensure that your pet returns to optimal health after experiencing trauma.
We apply ultrasound for pets as a non-invasive imaging technique used to visualize internal structures in a pet’s body. It employs high-frequency sound waves to create real-time images of organs, tissues, and blood flow. We use it as a diagnostic tool particularly useful for examining the abdomen, reproductive organs, and heart. It aids in the detection of abnormalities, diagnosis of medical conditions, and guidance for certain procedures and provides valuable insights without radiation exposure.
Vaccinations involve the administration of immunizations to prevent certain infectious diseases and protect against diseases like rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and respiratory infections. Common and regular vaccines help build immunity, reducing the risk of illness and contributing to the overall well-being and health of pets. We recommend a tailored vaccination schedule based on the pet’s species, age, lifestyle, and overall health. In certain regions, common vaccinations are required for pets
With our vision care services, we monitor and address any issues related to eyesight during routine check-ups. We look for signs of conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or infections. Regular eye examinations are crucial, especially for breeds prone to certain eye issues. If problems are detected, we recommend treatments, medications, or, in severe cases, surgical interventions to preserve or enhance your pet’s vision. Maintaining good vision is essential for your pet’s overall well-being quality of life.

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