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Accidents and traumatic injuries can happen unexpectedly, leaving pets in need of urgent medical attention. We offer comprehensive trauma treatment services for cats and dogs, providing

Selma Pet Clinic Trauma Treatment Services

immediate care when it matters most.¬†Our experienced veterinary team is trained to handle a wide range of traumatic injuries, from fractures and lacerations to wounds sustained from accidents or altercations. We prioritize stabilizing your pet’s condition and alleviating pain as quickly as possible.

Upon arrival, we start with a thorough examination of your pets to assess the extent of their injuries and determine the best course of action. We may perform diagnostic tests such as X-rays or ultrasound to further evaluate internal injuries and guide our treatment plan. Depending on the severity of the trauma, treatment may involve wound cleaning and closure, fracture repair, or emergency surgery to address internal injuries. Throughout the treatment process, we keep you informed about your pet’s condition and involve you in decision-making regarding their treatment and care.

In addition to medical interventions, we provide supportive care to help your pet recover from their injuries. This may include pain management, fluid therapy, and monitoring to ensure they are responding well to treatment.

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